X-Men: A Gay Parody Serie

‘X-Men: A gay XXX Parody Part 2’ stars Mike De Marko and Paul Canon. This series has been filmed by Men.com, and released by ‘Super Gay Hero.’
Super Gay Hero is just one site of ten that makes up this gay porn site. All the sites offer us something new and exciting and ‘Super Gay Hero’ gives us various different porn parodies. They have Batman Vs Superman, where our heroes get to fuck the baddies big time. We have ‘Captain America’ who drives his big weapon into tight assholes and gets covered in hot sticky cum, and many more heroes from the comic books, and science fiction stories such as Star Wars.

The Gay Super Stars Porn Models

Mike De Marko is a five foot ten inch cutie who is covered in hair. He has a great figure and loves to be a power bottom. He has brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and he has a juicy seven and a half inch cut cock.
Mike has starred in 54 hardcore movies for Men.com, and he got his ass drilled deep in his last movie by Diego Sans, in ‘X Men Gay Porn
x men gay porn
Paul Canon is the kind of porn star that’s gone from strength to strength in his porn career, and his body has gone from being slim to hunky in a short period of time. He is five feet ten inches tall, has brown hair, brown eyes, and he is a versatile top with a seven inch cut dick.
Paul Has been in 29 movies for Men.com, and he was fantastic in the ‘Mormon Undercover‘ series where he dresses up as a Mormon just to trick guys to get him in their houses, and he ends up having sex with them.

X GAY MEN – The movie

Iceman’ played by mike De Marko, and Pyro, played by Paul Canon are outside in an old building. They are arguing as they should really be getting back to their school for special people with X Men super powers.
Paul Canon doesn’t really want to go back, and they start pushing each other. Paul ends up on the ground, and as he stands up, Mike kisses him fully on his succulent lips. Their hands go all over their bodies as they embrace, and they are quick to get naked.
Mike sinks down to his knees as he takes Paul’s hard cock into his mouth and starts sucking on it and playing with Paul’s heavy balls.

Paul then sucks on Mike’s aching hard cock for a while. Mike leans against a wall as Paul then spreads his firm butt wide open as he eats out his tasty asshole.
Mike moans out with sheer excitement, but soon cries out even louder as Paul slides his meaty cock into his soaking wet asshole.
Paul Canon sits down on a pallet as mike De Marko climbs on top and mounts Paul’s cock. Both our heroes moan out in unison, and mike soon cums all over the ground as he carries on getting drilled. Paul stands up and as he jerks on his cock, he cums over Mike’s hairy chest.
Super Gay Hero is an award winning network that has a great reputation for putting out high quality movies with some of the best men in gay porn today, such as: Topher De Maggio, Johnny Rapid, Conner Maguire and Paddy O’Brian. They also update the network every day, which means they will not be in short supply of good wank fodder for us all. See more gay parody videos here

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