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Hd gay porn online with hot pornstars

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In the first episode of this great series by for ‘Porno Gay Hd,’ we got the chance to watch Tommy Defendi having an awesome threesome with Colby Jansen and Luke Adams inside the famous New York bar, the ‘Love Gun.’ In the second episode Tommy got his ass drilled hard by handy man Adam Bryant, and in this episode, Adam Herst comes into the bar and ties his luck with super-slut Tommy.
The bar is closed but Adam Herst is determined to get in. He wants to see Tommy Defendi even though he doesn’t know him. Adam tells him that he was told all about him from a couple he kept in after closing time, who can’t stop speaking about all the fun, they had had. Tommy lets him in and asks Adam if he wants a shot of anything. Adam smiles and tells him that the only thing he wants a shot of, is him.

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Tommy comes in front of the homosexual bar and gets closer to Adam. After tommy hears that Adam wants a shot of him, he grabs Adam’s hand and pulls it on top of his cock and tells him to ahead and pull the trigger.
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Their lips clash together and they kiss straight away. They pull their tops off revealing their naked muscled bodies and Tommy gets on his and gets Adam’s seven and a half inch cock out of his pants and into his mouth. Adam’s getting exactly what he came in for and grunts with satisfaction as Tommy deep throats his cock and massages his heavy ball sack. Adam tells him what sexy eyes he’s got and tells him to lick his dick all the way round. Tommy looks straight up at him as he slobbers all over his rock hard dick. Adam then tells him to get up on the bar as he now wants to suck on his dick. Tommy doesn’t need telling twice and quickly lies naked on his back with his legs spread wide open. Adam gets between his legs and makes Tommy moan with sheer animalistic lust as he sucks on his nine inch cut cock and licks his smooth balls all over. They sound like wild animals as they get each other’s cocks soaking wet and throbbing with gay hd videos excitement.

Tommy turns over and gets on his hands and knees. He works on his wet cock as Adam gets his tongue busy working on his tight and sensitive asshole. Tommy makes guttural sounds Adam licks around his rim and spreads his hole open with his fingers.

Once Adam makes sure that Tommy’s hole is well and truly lubricated he gets him to stand up on the ground with one foot, and his other leg balances on a high chair, with his asshole spread open. Their voices sound raspy as Tommy feels Adam’s cock ploughing deeply into him, the sounds of sweating flesh slapping against hot man flesh fills the room.

Tommy knows he wants to fuck Adam so they stand on the stairs and Adam balances on the staircase as Tommy eats out his slutty crack. This time its Adam who shouts out loud as Tommy’s thick cock almost splits him open as it pierces through his hole and sinks deep into him and nudges against his prostate making his cock throb and pre-cum spills out. Tommy slaps Adam’s hard butt cheeks a few times and carries on driving his cock wildly in and out of him.

Adam Herst sits on top of Tommy Defendi’s cock and rides him hard and fast. He yells out that he is about to cum and almost doubles up as he blasts a whole load of fresh cream out, and on to the floor. Tommy is right behind him and quickly moves so that his cum showers Adam’s bearded face and waiting tongue.

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Tommy’s has now got a reputation for being a hot fuck, and in New York reputations are everything as Tommy is having fun finding out.
Tommy Defendi has been around the block and made a whole load of hardcore flicks for and has a huge following on Twitter. He is a versatile top with a wonderful thick nine inch cut dick and has an amazing tight asshole. He has short brown hair, soft hazel eyes and is six foot one inch tall.

Adam Herst has been in nine flicks with this gay porn HD site and that includes the highly popular series ‘My New Stepdad Is A Pervert’ Parts 1, 2 and 3. Adam is a versatile daddy figure with a great hard body and a seven and a half inch cut cock which he loves getting sucked any time of the day. He now stared in over 100 HD gay porn videos and has cropped brown hair, sexy blue eyes and is five feet nine inches high. learn more here – click

X-Men: A Gay Parody Serie

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‘X-Men: A gay XXX Parody Part 2’ stars Mike De Marko and Paul Canon. This series has been filmed by, and released by ‘Super Gay Hero.’
Super Gay Hero is just one site of ten that makes up this gay porn site. All the sites offer us something new and exciting and ‘Super Gay Hero’ gives us various different porn parodies. They have Batman Vs Superman, where our heroes get to fuck the baddies big time. We have ‘Captain America’ who drives his big weapon into tight assholes and gets covered in hot sticky cum, and many more heroes from the comic books, and science fiction stories such as Star Wars.

The Gay Super Stars Porn Models

Mike De Marko is a five foot ten inch cutie who is covered in hair. He has a great figure and loves to be a power bottom. He has brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and he has a juicy seven and a half inch cut cock.
Mike has starred in 54 hardcore movies for, and he got his ass drilled deep in his last movie by Diego Sans, in ‘X Men Gay Porn
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Paul Canon is the kind of porn star that’s gone from strength to strength in his porn career, and his body has gone from being slim to hunky in a short period of time. He is five feet ten inches tall, has brown hair, brown eyes, and he is a versatile top with a seven inch cut dick.
Paul Has been in 29 movies for, and he was fantastic in the ‘Mormon Undercover‘ series where he dresses up as a Mormon just to trick guys to get him in their houses, and he ends up having sex with them.

X GAY MEN – The movie

Iceman’ played by mike De Marko, and Pyro, played by Paul Canon are outside in an old building. They are arguing as they should really be getting back to their school for special people with X Men super powers.
Paul Canon doesn’t really want to go back, and they start pushing each other. Paul ends up on the ground, and as he stands up, Mike kisses him fully on his succulent lips. Their hands go all over their bodies as they embrace, and they are quick to get naked.
Mike sinks down to his knees as he takes Paul’s hard cock into his mouth and starts sucking on it and playing with Paul’s heavy balls.

Paul then sucks on Mike’s aching hard cock for a while. Mike leans against a wall as Paul then spreads his firm butt wide open as he eats out his tasty asshole.
Mike moans out with sheer excitement, but soon cries out even louder as Paul slides his meaty cock into his soaking wet asshole.
Paul Canon sits down on a pallet as mike De Marko climbs on top and mounts Paul’s cock. Both our heroes moan out in unison, and mike soon cums all over the ground as he carries on getting drilled. Paul stands up and as he jerks on his cock, he cums over Mike’s hairy chest.
Super Gay Hero is an award winning network that has a great reputation for putting out high quality movies with some of the best men in gay porn today, such as: Topher De Maggio, Johnny Rapid, Conner Maguire and Paddy O’Brian. They also update the network every day, which means they will not be in short supply of good wank fodder for us all. See more gay parody videos here

Another great free gay network

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MEN dot com is a fantastic free gay sex movies network that has an incredible amount of hardcore movies for your pleasure. There are about 139.629 hardcore gay men movies that last either as a short clip right up to a full-length cock sucking ass riding and cum drenched gay movies.
There are also plenty of niches to choose, such as HD bareback twinks, videos, Asian HD, shower HD, massage HD and Teen Bareback HD. There are all kinds of other things on show here too, and all you will need to do is look for what you want down the left-hand side of the page.

MEN Gay Porn Stars

MEN dot com is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and has a great mix of professional gay pornstars, to amateurs going wild as they have sex in front of the camera for the first time. At the top of the page, there are also different choices, such as Videos, Live Cams, Community, and also if you have a favourite Pornstar, as in Paddy O’Brian, Vadim Black or Rafael Alencar, you can check them out, and all their movies, in the Pornstar selection. Because I am a bit of a size queen, I tapped on Rafael’s Alencar’s profile. There is a good write-up about Rafael, and it shows us a whole load of movies he has been in that can be watched here in
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Just in case you have never heard of Rafael, he is well known for his big thick juicy dick. It is eleven and a half inches long, and it is uncut, which gives a guy more to lick and chew on. It’s great watching the faces of the guys, usually studs, as they feel the power of his cock as it batters their prostates as he fucks them wildly. This guy is full of cum, and he likes to shoot his thick creamy cum all over young guy’s faces, or their seriously battered holes.

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I decided to have a look into the ‘gaypornvideos’ category, and boy, was I in for a great time. I sat and watched a movie with ten twinks having bareback interracial sex with each other in a fantastic cum drenched orgy. This clip lasted for just over seven minutes, and if you like close up shots, this movie certainly has them. I could hardly contain myself as all ten guys are smooth with sexy firm asses and rock hard cocks. One guy gets to suck on all the dicks one after the other, and sometimes two at a time. He ends up with hot cum dripping all down his face, and as the others start sucking each other off, he mounts a cock and gets fucked bareback right in the middle of them all.
The movies on MEN dot com are fantastic, and you could spend all day, every day watching all these films, but you still won’t have enough time to look at them all. HD gay porn is about the best you get around these days, and your balls will end up drained and your dick very sore. My advice before watching MEN dot com HD gay movies is to go and buy a whole load of Kleenex because you are going to need it.

What is Gay Porn all about ? A big review

Published / by admin / Leave a Comment Gay Porn is an add-on site to the glorious Men network. Here you get interviews with some of the gay porno stars, you also get to see cut moments, bloopers, off-camera moments and all kinds of other backstage stuff. It’s a neat collection from all across the network and lets you find out what really goes on in the making of a porn movie. But there is more to the site than that. In fact, when you go to sign up here you can’t help but sign up to the this huge network of the best gay porn stars, as this site doesn’t really stand alone. It is a collection of 202 xxx clips and outtakes from the network’s 2,047 exclusive scenes and you can access this content from those scenes in any case; so what we are looking at here is not so much a site, but part of a much larger network deal which offers great value for money and loads of horny free gay hardcore men.

When you log in you come to the main home page and first index page for the network. There you can see that free videos from are adding every day and, as all of their scenes are exclusive, this means you’ve got nothing but originality. I don’t think they were the first site to offer behind the scene (BTS) sex movies, but they do it really well. There’s no way to filter the content by what’s an interview, what’s a blooper etc., but you can find them laid out individually if you head to the Sites link in the menu and then scroll down to find the site in the list.

The 202 BTS movies here are a mix of interviews with some of the homoseuxal porn stars. Some movies are titled ‘I’m a Porn Star’ so you’re not sure who you are looking at, but you will find some top pornstars names: Johnny Rapid who films porn videos exclusively for at the moment, Brent Everet, Paddy O’Brian and Will Braun are all in here along with many other names taken from a model index of over 648 guys.

Movies can be streamed or downloaded and there are good viewing options for both, usually you have four resolutions to choose from and it all runs on Mp4 format. You have hardcore gay porno 1080p HD at the top of the scale, though older x rated movies may not have this option, and you also have standard definition plus files suitable for mobiles. Each videos is shown with a large stream screen (which can stick a bit if you’re not on a super-fast connection) and this can go full screen. You then select your speed or download and away you go. These BTS scenes last for five to 10 minutes or so, and the quality is good.

There are galleries with some of them but these relate to the scenes that the BTS movie is about. The best way to find the backstage stuff is either through that site link, or to simply browse the main movies and then, on their viewing pages, you will see a link to any BTS movies that are attached. There are also the galleries with 20 to 100 pics each up at good sizes and also being good quality. The neat thing with free movies is that they often have on-going series or they take themes. There’s a lot of older-younger movies at the moment with step-sex and step brothers getting together, there are also fantasy movies.

In fact, included in your list of bonus sites is the new Super Gay Hero where they are parodying the likes of Superman Vs Batman and Captain America; their recent Tarzan parody is amazing for its scenery and sex, and the production values on all their movies is really high – down to the music and atmosphere. And they are all exclusive and the network today has 2,047 of them. There will be more by tomorrow as they update seven days per week. You other sites include: Jizz Orgy for loads of group sex and bukkake, Big Dicks At School, my favourite with its older/younger, teacher/pupil scenes, and Drill My Hole probably their original site with all kinds of hardcore and hot guys. You can also access the amazing Gods Of Men where top stars get passionate in sensual scenes and the Gay Office for sex in suits with hunks like Alex Mecum and Connor Maguire. It’s a great mix of themes and all high quality.

On top of all this, members get to rate scenes and leave comments and there are some bonuses. Well, there’s a huge DVD theatre with loads of full titles and their scenes included (over 6,500). I didn’t have many issues with this site, the main one was that the pages sometimes stick when browsing in Firefox and thing slow right down. I don’t know if this was a site or browser-compatibility issue, but it worked fine in other browsers. There’s also a cross sale to be aware of on the join page and I’m not sure if you get full access on the trial membership; I don’t think so.

All in all, Gay Porn is an interesting collection of pornstar content that is already featured in the network, and it’s not a standalone site; in fact you don’t really sign up to it, you join the network and, for the prices they are asking, it’s a bargain way in to a daily-updating exclusive collection. It’s good value though and interesting to view.

Membership cost of Men Gay Porn

  • Trial: $1.00 (1 day, recurring at $30.00 every 30 days)
  • Monthly: $30.00 (recurring every 30 days)
  • Quarterly: $50.00 (recurring every 90 days)
  • Year: $100.00 (1 year, non-recurring)
  • Credit card processing by independent merchant
  • One pre-checked options on signup page. If left checked, you will automatically be subscribed to another site.
  • Video info

    202 exclusive behind the scenes movies and pornstar interviews. Movies are shown with up to four resolutions with 1,920 x 1,080 @ 5,000 kbps +, with mobile version in Mp4 files. Movies are downloadable and some link to the scenes they are based on. Movies are a good quality and run for around 10 minutes. There is no DRM in use.

    Picture info

    Not all the hardcore gay movies have galleries with them; there are around 100 galleries in this one site with images at 1,663 x 2,495 that come with good navigation and 20 to 100 pics per set. Zip files are available.

    Site issues

    The site(s) can sometimes act slowly in certain browsers. These are outtake movies and bloopers and some are short. Not all models in the model index come with stats and details. There’s a pre-checked cross sale on the join page and trial memberships are limited.

    Things we liked

  • Great outtakes
  • Good interviews and extras
  • Access to all 10 sites
  • Daily network updates
  • High quality and exclusive
  • Bonus DVD theatre
  • Things we didn’t like

  • Some short movies
  • Not all have galleries
  • Movies not arranged in date order
  • Some browser issues
  • To Sum It up

    Free Gay Porn give you some background to the network and their nine featured sites and all exclusive content. Sure you can see how movies are made, you can find out about some of the stars and see some of the bloopers, but you also get to access over 2,047 exclusive network scenes with daily free gay porn updates.